Wednesday, 4/20/16

In Summary:
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Big catches of Blowtoads and some Sea Mullet were caught up and down all the beaches south of the Bridge. No news from our beaches north of the Inlet. I am sure there are some scattered Sea Mullet and Puffers from our surf.
The Piers are catching Sea Mullet and Blowtoads this morning.
Undersize Stripers were plentiful from the Little Bridge Tuesday. The Haber’s caught a 13 in Gray Trout and a no keeper Striper. Their bait of choice was a Sabiki bought from TW’s. The Sabiki’s were baited with Bloodworms.
Fly rod anglers fishing inshore decked some nice keeper Trout and had Striper releases.
Offshore charters had a good catches of Yellowfin. Also caught the first Sailfish of the year.

The winds are NE at 17 and the water temp is 60 degrees.

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