Sunday, 1/8/17

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In Summary:

Fishing Report:
We did get a good dusting of snow. The temperature is 17 degrees this morning in KDH.
It is going to be below freezing for a good 24 hours. I will keep my faucets dripping around the clock. I have had the experience of faucets freezing in the middle of a day. Ain’t fun. My electricity went out about 7 pm last night. I have no heat when it happens but plenty of fishermen’s house’s I can hold up in. I was packing up to go when the power came back on about 9:30. NC Dominion does a good job on the Outer Banks.
There are 2 NFL playoff games today. OR, if you get house bound crazy, you can go hang at TW’s and look at all the new merchandise coming in for 2017.
The winds are NW at 17 and the water is 41 degrees. Sun is bright, ocean is rough and beautiful. Lots of white water with the waves breaking beyond the piers.

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