Friday, 4/14/17


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In Summary:

Fishing Report:
The temp dropped a little yesterday but fishing was fair all the same. Surf fishermen in Avon caught plenty Sea Mullet, some Puppies, Bluefish and Blow toads. Buxton had a few Sea Mullet and 11 lb Bluefish behind the motels. Ramp 48 and 49 caught Bluefish, Puppy Drum, Sea Mullet and Blow Toads. Small Trout and small Stripers were reported along the north beaches.
The winds are down today and the water temp took a quick climb. Fishing should improve.
The offshore fleet stayed at the docks yesterday. Sound fishing is good. Harry and Corey Moss had a good day decking keeper Puppy Drum and Trout.
Fishing has been exceptional from the Little Bridge with anglers catching Striper, Shad, Puppy Drum and Trout. Ian Cross decked 2 nice Trout from there yesterday.
The Piers are catching Blow Toads, Shad, small Stripers, Trout, Skate and Avalon had a good run of Sea Mullet.

The winds are NE at 11 and the water is 56 degrees. Chilly morning, mostly sunny, choppy ocean.

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